The Living Room Rearrangement

Last week I had the brilliant idea to move things around in the living room.  I was kind of tired of the old arrangement so I wanted to switch things up.  

We have added a lot of fun things to our living room like our barn doors and the biggest change the paint color.

Our living room has gone through many changes and this is the latest rearrangement! 

Barn Doors

Our house was built in 1900 so the rooms were clearly not made to watch TV comfortably.  The living room is long and narrow with a door opening off centered from the fireplace with the TV above.  There are windows to the side of the fireplace and in the front of the room.  It really limits where the TV can go so the best spot for it is above the fireplace.  

When the couch faces the fireplace, it is off centered with it because it would block the doorway if it was in line with the fireplace.  This always drove me nuts and I never really loved the set up because of these reasons.  

Looking into the sunroom

Here is what the living room looked like before:

Living Room Before

I decided I would keep the smaller couch in the same spot it had always been, but I moved the large couch facing the smaller one.  I didn't know how much room we'd have to walk around the sides of the couch, but there is honestly plenty of space.  I also created a little sitting nook in the back of the room with the oversized chair, ottoman, and end table.  I moved the floor lamps to either side of the fireplace and rotated the coffee table to be parallel with the couches.  I LOVE IT!  It makes much more sense now.  You can see the TV and the flow of the room is much better.  

New Living Room Rearrangement
Reading Nook in the Living Room Rearrangement

The large, long wall that the big couch was against before doesn't seem as long and bare now that it's kind of broken up into sections.  The gate/shutter decor coincides with the couches and the sign is the perfect accent piece for above the sitting nook.

Freddy in the Living Room Rearrangement


What do you think of the movement of furniture?  Small change, but big impact!

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The Living Room Rearrangement
The Living Room Rearrangement