3rd Trimester Update

Already in the 3rd trimester with baby girl so I thought I would share another little update!

See my last pregnancy update HERE.

For this 3rd trimester update, I’m going to share how I’ve been feeling, what I’m craving, my latest wardrobe picks, and more!

Baby Bump

I was 29 weeks on Tuesday and it just feels a little surreal how fast time is going by this pregnancy. ‘They say’ that the second one goes by faster and ‘they’ are right!!

Although it feels like it’s going by fast, I still feel that I have time because I’m not due until the end of August. I keep reminding myself I have the entire summer and I really don’t want to rush it by, even though we are excited to meet our little girl!


I’m feeling really good! Definitely tired, but not overly tired that I can’t do things. Dominic keeps me busy and on my toes which I think has helped me to stay active.

Sleep involves a lot of moving around to get comfortable, but I still feel like I am getting enough sleep which is nice.

Baby girl moves around A TON! Lots more than Dominic ever did. She does all sorts of crazy movements in there, it’s wild, but I love it!

My skin has evened out and is not nearly as bad as it was in the beginning of my pregnancy. It could also be a combination of the new skin care routine I have been using each night. See my daily oil routine HERE.

I passed the glucose test which is always a good thing!

I have been walking almost daily and doing yoga at night. I have loved this combination and I think it has made me much more relaxed this time around.


I’m not really craving anything in particular with this pregnancy. I have noticed that I have started to become SO hungry lately. I’ve been trying to have little snacks throughout the day so that I don’t overeat at meals. Plus, smaller snacks are much easier to digest than 3 larger meals.

I almost always have an apple with peanut butter after dinner otherwise I wake up starving!

Of course the occasional ice cream craving happens though ;)

29 Weeks Pregnant


Baby is doing well! Love hearing her heart rate at each doctor’s appointment! She is measuring right on track too.

I now start going to the doctor every 2 weeks! Things are getting real, real fast!


On my last pregnancy update blog post, I shared how I am doing progesterone shots. I have 6 weeks of shots left at this point. I do 1 shot each week on Thursdays.

The shots are done intramuscularly and haven’t been too bad. I rarely have to use a band aid as I don’t bleed much, if any, after they are administered. I have had some bruising which isn’t super painful, just leaves a mark on my back that goes away in a few days.

I have had a little rash on the areas after the shots are given. I’ve brought this up to my doctor and she says that is common. I’ve been applying my eczema roller to those areas and it has helped to calm down the small rash! The rash doesn’t occur every time, so that is a relief.


I have been loving dresses lately! They are so easy to wear and lightweight for these warm summer days. Plus they are easy to throw on and go!

My leggings are still a go to when there are cooler days along with my fave maternity jeans! I wear my leggings and shorts under my bump.

I honestly haven’t bought a lot of maternity clothes. I just haven’t needed them.


Overall, this pregnancy has been great, thank God! We have been doing some baby prep which you can read about HERE. I am also dreaming of the day we will make her a nursery once we sell this house and buy a new one. See my mood board HERE.

I am trying to soak up these last couple of months as a family of 3 and enjoy Dominic as an only child for a little bit longer!

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3rd Trimester Update