How to Prepare for a Second Baby

How to Prepare for a Second Baby

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Our second baby is due in August so we have been preparing for her arrival!

If you missed our pregnancy announcement, see it HERE.

I am going to walk you through how to prepare for a second baby: from laundry to getting Dominic ready for a little sister to clothes shopping and more!

Baby Clothes

Getting ready for baby 2 has been a little different than with Dominic. We already have the majority of our large baby items like a stroller, car seat, high chair, pack and play, bassinet, etc which is so nice!

This time around, baby prep is more bringing things out of storage and getting everything washed!


Being that our second baby is a girl, I don’t have many clothes that would work for her. I do have some that are neutral that Dominic wore that we will pass down to her, but her wardrobe definitely needed to be filled in!

I love shopping at Carter’s for baby clothes, especially, the Little Baby Basics Line. We used this collection for Dominic and will be using it for baby girl too! The clothes are so soft and comfortable, yet durable.

The onesies from the Little Baby Basics line are so cute! I love how easy the onesies are to take off and put on. There are so many adorable patterns and prints to choose from in long and short sleeve options. I grabbed a few different packs of them in varying sizes so baby girl will be all set with onesies.

Baby Girl pants

Girl pants are so fun! I love the prints and the ruffles! The little shorts will be perfect for when she is first born on those warm summer days.

I had to grab a couple little dresses for her! I love the simplicity of the dresses from the Little Baby Basics Line. They are classics which can be passed down to future generations!

The Little Baby Basics line has lots of items to choose from that fit with any style or budget. I can make so many different outfits with this entire line which will be great for this busy Mom of 2 babies under 2!


We have been trying to get Dominic ready for his baby sister. I had him help me put away all the baby clothes, even though he kind of just made a mess for me, HA! He loved trying to put the hat on and snuggling the onesies.

Dominic with baby clothes

We have been reading his big brother book to him a lot. He seems to really like the book!

I point to my belly and say baby and he repeats ‘baby’ back to me. He likes to kiss and hug my belly. Although, he most likely doesn’t understand, it is still the cutest thing to watch!

John Paul and I keep reminding him daily that he is going to be a big brother. We are constantly talking about his baby sister to keep it familiar with him.

When we are out and about and he sees a baby, he loves to say hi and interact with the baby. I am hoping this is a good sign for his little sister’s arrival!

I also plan to get a gift for Dominic from his sister that she will ‘give’ to him when she is born. I haven’t figured it all out fully, but it will be a small little bag of goodies that he can open in the hospital when he meets her for the first time.

Dominic helping to put clothes away


I have slowly started washing all of baby girl’s new clothes from Carter’s. This way I am not doing anything last minute. I have been using my Thieves laundry soap and then applying my Gentle Baby Essential Oil to the dryer balls and the clothes smell so nice! I can’t wait to cuddle her!

We have started to wash the other baby items too! Everything from the pack and play items (bassinet and changing table), to the bassinet to the Mamaroo to all the baby toys we had for Dominic. Just giving everything a quick wash and touch up so they are ready for when baby girl arrives.

Girl Onesies and Shorts


I still have plenty of baby products to use for baby girl, however the newborn diapers are long gone! I am starting to grab a pack of diapers here and there so that I have a good amount by the time she arrives.

I am also grabbing extra wipes to have on hand so that we have them throughout the house. Diapers for 2 babies is going to be a lot so I want to make sure we are stocked on all the goods.


Since we are in the process of moving, we have not created a nursery for her. We plan to create a nursery for her in our new home. Since she will be sleeping in our room in the bassinet for the first 2-3 months anyways, I know we have plenty of time!

I do have ideas for her nursery design though, so I can’t wait to get started!

Organizing Baby Clothes

The main thing I needed for our second baby was clothes since she’s a girl and I had nothing girly. Carter’s Little Baby Basics line is my go to for newborns and all the way up to early toddlerhood. The clothes can easily be mixed and matched together to create lots of adorable outfits. They are so affordable and the quality is incredible. I can just picture our sweet little girly in all of these outfits!

If you are an expecting Mama or know someone having a baby, definitely stop by Carter’s to find all the cutest baby clothes in their Little Baby Basics line!

What did you do to prepare for another baby?

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How to Prepare for a Second Baby