Weekly Organization Tips

Who else is a tad OCD & loves to cross things off from a list?! I am 100% like this & thought there have to be more people like this out in the world. I decided to share a little peek into my brain & my weekly organization tips.

I am not a professional organizer & definitely fall off the wagon sometimes, but I feel more accomplished if I start off each week knowing what I want to get done. It sort of keeps me on track & makes my to do list a little less overwhelming.

These are some tips to stay organized each week with meals & to do lists. 


Here is what I use to organize myself:

Day in the Life planner

These 2 planners have been HUGE helpers in getting my thoughts jotted down each week. I just got a new planner for this upcoming year. These are hands down my favorite planners. There is plenty of space to write everything down, the monthly calendars are great to plan things out each month, & the 'don't forget' space is perfect for appointments/birthdays/etc.

I typically use this planner to plan out my blog posts. I like to see what I have coming up so that I can prepare for each post. This helps me stay on track & make sure that I am getting things done on time. As you can tell, I am a very visual person. I use the daily spots to write down what I am blogging that day & I use the monthly calendar section to plan out any projects I want to get done that month.

I do use it for personal use too for doctor's appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, trips, events, etc. I think of this planner as kind of an extension of myself & I really enjoy sitting down every week/month & planning things out.

I am telling you, it has made my life so much easier to not have to stress about things to get done around the house.

Blog posts in planner
Organizing my planner

The A Day in the Life Planner has been the biggest help to me, I think.  John Paul & I typically go grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday.  We like to plan out our weekly meals & write down each meal we have planned for each day on the planner.  

I actually add in breakfast, lunch, & dinner lines each week so I can easily see each meal.  We then can make a list of items we need from the meals we plan to make.  This is SO much easier on us so that we aren't running to the grocery store each day to get things for dinner & we tend to spend a little less money knowing exactly what we need.  

We hang the planner up on the refrigerator so there is no guessing as to what we're making!  We love it & will always use this method!

Planning for the week

This is just a glimpse into how we organize ourselves over here at Aratari At HOME. I know there are tons of different ways to stay organized, but these are some of the ways that have helped us so I thought they may help some of you. If you're a visual learner like me, I think you will totally appreciate this & will love seeing things written down & then getting them 'crossed off.'

Organization essentials

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Weekly Organization Tips