Easy DIY Painted Pumpkins

It is starting to feel like Fall around here in Western NY.  Cool & crisp mornings with warmer afternoons.  I love it!  This also means it's to start bringing out the pumpkins!  

Although I am planning to use a lot of my faux pumpkins from last year, I wanted some new ones this year, but didn't want to break the bank in investing in new ones.  Here is a fall tablescape from last year for some inspo!

I decided to DIY some painted pumpkins which turned out to be so easy!

pile of pumpkins

What better way to start with an inexpensive project, than taking a trip to the Dollar Tree?! I figured they would have some sort of pumpkin I could improve & I was right!

They had all different shapes & sizes so it made choosing a variety very easy. I limited myself to 10, but I could have bought a lot more LOL.

Instead of buying new paint, I decided to use paint we had used on the walls in our home so that they would match our home. I used Behr Paint in Silver Marlin, White Pepper, & Silent White.

before pumpkins
paint colors


    • Faux pumpkins from any dollar store (mine are from Dollar Tree)
    • Paint of your choice (I used Behr paint in Silver Marlin, White Pepper, & Silent White)
    • Plastic bags/newspaper
    • Paper Plate






  1. Cut off tags from the pumpkins
  2. Pour paint on a paper plate
  3. Decide which pumpkins will be each color, if you are using multiple colors
  4. Use the sponge brush to paint each pumpkin
    • I painted all the tops/sides first so that the bottom would not stick to the plastic bag when drying.  Then once the tops/sides were dry, I painted the bottom
    • I used 2 coats of paint so that each pumpkin was evenly coated & the orange color was covered up
  5. Let them dry & ENJOY!


close up of diy pumpkins
pumpkins and corbel

This was seriously the EASIEST DIY ever! It doesn't take much time or effort, but if you are not a big fan of orange & want some inexpensive Fall decor, this will be such a great DIY for you!

You could easily take off the stems & replace them with sticks, burlap, etc to give the pumpkins even more detail.

hello fall chalkboard

I hope I have inspired you to try out painting pumpkins.  I think this could be such a fun project for your kiddos to do too, they could decorate them with all different colors, so cute!

I would love to see your painted pumpkins, if you decide to give this a try!

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Easy DIY Painted Pumpkins