Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning can be tedious so I am sharing my best tips with you!

I have more information on staying organized, if you want to check it out, HERE.

Spring cleaning tips can help you stay on track while getting things accomplished!

Spring Cleaning List

Happy 1st Day of Spring!!!  I hope the weather around here starts to get the memo that it is now Spring so we need warm weather & sunshine!  Being the first day of Spring, I like to put together a little list of some areas of the house that we want to clean up & organize.  I thought I would share what we are planning to do in the coming weeks & how we create lists to keep us on track!  If you've been here a while, you know I'm a lover of organization so this is right up my alley!  I break it all down in 3 easy steps!

  1. DECIDE. Choose the spaces you want to clean/reorganize

  2. SCHEDULE. Map out when you will complete each space

  3. DO IT. Make it happen

I list everything out that we want to complete.  This can be brainstorming or just listing our what you want to clean up.
-closets: I plan to go through my closet, John Paul's closet, and Dominic's closet and donate things we don't wear anymore and organize what we have so everything is easily accessible.  Also, clean out the hallway closet that has our winter gear (coats, gloves, hats), some tools, & miscellaneous things.
-cabinets: It's time to clean them out and toss things that are old or haven't been used in a while.  Reorganize the small appliance cabinets.  Clean out cabinet in the dining room.
-basement:  We have our painting supplies stored here, but it's all just thrown around so we plan to organize it all.  John Paul's tools are down there and need to be organized so we can easily grab them when needed.

Cleaning Schedule


I use my favorite stationary from SarahLegacy Publishing Group and Seedlings to make mapping out the cleaning schedule pretty :) They have the best paper products including calendars, planners, coasters, cards, & more! Go check them out, the patterns are AMAZING! I always think that having a pretty list, plan, or calendar makes the tasks seem not as boring...tricking the brain! I like to physically see the schedule so that after each task I can cross it off. I think it makes me feel more accomplished.

- I scheduled everything out by week so that it wasn't too overwhelming
- Detailed what I wanted to clean/organize about each space

Spring Cleaning

Time to go clean!  

***Coffee helps with all of these tasks too ;)***

I am not reinventing the wheel by any means, but I wanted to share how we get our home ready for Spring and Summer!  If we do this now, we can enjoy the warm weather to come and not have to be inside doing these mundane chores.

All you would have to do is swap out the chores that make sense for you and your home.  You could switch out the weeks too, but you could also just use the schedule we have & input your chores.

Do you do any Spring cleaning?  How do you set up your Spring cleaning schedule, if you have one?  Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Spring Cleaning Tips