Tips for Flying with an Infant

Tips for Flying with an Infant

Dominic & I just got back from visiting my parents in Massachusetts.  I flew back to MA with him!

We did the rounds of introducing him to some family & friends.  Of course they loved our little sweet boy!

I am not an expert, but I learned some tips for flying with an infant on this past trip!

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This trip included a flight with a 5 week old & just his Momma (ME).  John Paul had to work so it was just Dominic & I to take on this new adventure together. 

Let me just say, we did great!  We made a perfect team & I was so impressed with how well Dominic did. 

Being this was our first flight, I learned some things that I thought I would pass along for any future trips you might take with your little one.

1. Be Prepared

- have your diaper bag packed with all the essentials: diapers, wipes, change of clothes, your wallet, bottles, pacifier, changing pad, phone, phone charger, burp cloth

-This gives you easy access to everything you need, especially if you are checking a bag.

2. Arrive Early

- who needs the added stress of arriving to the airport late & then having to rush through security with a potentially unhappy baby?

3. Wear Your Baby

- this was probably the best thing I did!  I was hands free so I could still easily move about the airport. 

- it also helps to avoid unwanted touching of your baby from strangers (it will happen!)

- I flew Jet Blue and they would not allow me to wear him while taking off or landing, but I just held him & that worked out perfectly fine

4.  Wear Comfortable Shoes

- airports include a lot of walking, but add on carrying around a baby, plus luggage & that is a lot work.  Wearing comfy & cute sneakers was so important & made a world of difference.  I can't imagine having uncomfortable shoes on & trying to get to where I had to go in a timely manner.

5.  Locate the Family Bathroom

- since I am nursing Dominic, I wanted to be able to nurse him right before we had to board.  I am not one to nurse in public, if you are, power to you, I think that's amazing, but I just don't feel comfortable doing that myself so I found the nearest family bathroom to nurse in. 
- This was so much less stressful than having to use a bathroom stall, plus you have a lot more room & don't feel as rushed or that people are watching/waiting for you.  These family bathrooms also have changing tables!


Things to Know:

I thought I needed ID for Dominic, but we did not.  I cannot speak for every airline, but Jet Blue did not require ID for him.  I did have to go to the kiosk to print out a boarding pass for him & I when I would typically just get a mobile boarding pass

NOTE: I have since flown on Southwest and you need to bring a photo copy or a photo of your baby's birth certificate.  I just took a photo of it on my phone and show them at the kiosk

You will not have to go through the traditional security screening.  We just got to walk through the screening off to the side.

For us, everyone was extremely nice!  On our flight to Boston, they offered us a row to ourselves so we could have more room.  People assisted me with my bag since I didn't check a bag.  Everyone wanted to know how old Dominic was, what his name was, etc.

Sleeping baby

Overall, I would definitely fly again by myself with Dominic.  I was so nervous at first thinking of having to nurse him & how he would be on the plane & how I would go through security alone.  My fears were quickly set aside though.  Dominic slept the whole time on the flight there & back.  I think feeding him right before helped to keep him happy &  put him to sleep.

I hope this post helps any new parents who have to/want to fly with their new little baby.  It's not as terrifying as you think.


Have you flown with a newborn before?  If so, do you have any other tips that helped you out?

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Tips for Flying with an Infant