Painted Tile Floor (Update)

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Recently, some of you have asked how my painted tile flooring is holding up so I thought I would share a quick update with you!

Painted Tile Update

If you want to learn how to paint your floors, you can read my tutorial blog post here.  It wasn't a very difficult process, but it definitely takes some time & patience.

We have had these painted tile floors for about 8 months now & honestly they look as good as when I first painted them.  I don't see any signs of wear such as chipping, fading, or discoloring from the chalk paint.  There is no yellowing from the polycrylic either.  The floors have been super easy to keep clean with vacuuming, sweeping, & swiffering on a regular basis.

Painted Tile Update

I feel this is a pretty accurate update & that these floors will stand for a long time because we have since gotten a puppy.  Freddy uses the front door everyday to go outside to the bathroom.  He has come in & out through rain, mud, dirt, & anything else he can get into & they still look like the day I painted them.  When I first painted the tiles, we rarely used this door because we always came in the back door, but since getting Freddy, it is much easier to go out the front door for him to use the bathroom.  Freddy also loves to sleep on these tiles because they were nice & cool during the summer months.  There is no scratches from him either.

Painted Tile Update
Painted Tile Update

Overall, I would say I am extremely happy & a bit surprised with how well these floors have stayed in tact.  It was definitely worth it for me to paint these floors, rather than to replace the tile.

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Have you tried painting any flooring in your home?  Have you used this stenciling technique?