Living Room Paint Reveal

Starting on New Year's Eve, John Paul & I started to paint our living room!  We just finished painting yesterday & I am SO excited to share this reveal with you.

It looks a little different since Christmas!

It is so crazy how much paint can make a difference in a room.  This paint reveal is so exciting with the transformation it made in the living room!

Paint reveal

We went with Behr Silver Marlin & I LOVE how it turned out!!  The color is a light gray, that has hints of blue in certain lighting.  It's the perfect color & I think the room looks so much fresher now! 

We used 1 coat plus touch ups & a second coat in places that really needed it.  The great thing about Behr paint is that the primer is built in so you can skip that step.  It also helped that the tan was pretty light so it was easy to cover over it.

Looking into the sunroom

Look at the before below!!!

Before paint
Fireplace view
Window view of paint reveal
paint reveal in living room
Side by side comparison

I hope you enjoyed our new living room tour.  We sure do!  This Behr Silver Marlin may make another appearance in our dining room!!!

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!



Living Room Paint Reveal