Pantry Makeover for Under $100

This past weekend we decided to tackle the pantry!

We just had our 2 year anniversary of being in the house, see all the updates so far, HERE, and we thought this should be next!

This pantry makeover literally took us less than 24 hours to complete & it is such a dramatic change that I can't believe cost us less than $100.

Pantry Makeover for Under $100

The pantry was once an elevator.  We have heard multiple stories from previous owners who have been walking by the house & from others who grew up in the area & used to play in the house, that the elevator was where the pantry is now.  That's kind of a cool piece of history in our home!

 The pantry was horribly ugly and disgusting though.  It was so nasty that I refused to store food in it.  We would keep cleaning supplies & extra paper towels & things like that in there. 

We thought we would tackle this project over the summer, but for whatever reason, we decided Saturday was a good day to start LOL! 

Pantry organization

Let me just say this, I am BEYOND happy we decided to do this now instead of waiting any longer.  John Paul & I both kept saying that we should have done this months ago!! 

To start, we ripped off all the old shelving which left giant holes.  We patched the holes up with spackle, sanded them, then painted the whole closet with a coat of Silent White by Behr.

We decided not to really hang many shelves back up because the walls are not very sturdy in there due to it once being an elevator.  We did hang up one shelving unit that we put our cleaning supplies in that we use daily for easy access. 

All the other shelving is just the units you can build super quick.  We picked up some baskets to store things in so that everything would stay organized.  These baskets make it so easy to know where everything is. 

We have a basket for Dominic's food, Freddy's treats/medicine, batteries/light bulbs, onions/potatoes (when we have extra), & kitchen towels.  I stacked up the extra cleaning supplies, extra paper towels, & trash bags. 

We were able to store some extra spices in glass jars along with extra flour, sugar, & pop corn kernels.  Freddy's food has a place now & so does the broom & grocery bags. 

It makes going into the closet much more enjoyable & we can see where everything is now!  I am a huge lover of organization so this makes me so happy! 

I no longer feel nasty about storing food in here.  Eventually we may add more food, but for now this works super well as we have a lot of kitchen cabinet storage for canned/dry goods.

Pantry storage for extra ingredients
Cleaning supplies

We were able to do this all for under $100 because we had some baskets already that I was able to use & we had extra paint from previous projects. 

We only bought spackle, the shelving units, hanging shelving unit (HERE & HERE) & a few more baskets.

I went with black shelving, black & wooden baskets, & glass jars so that it would pop off of the white painted walls.  I also think keeping everything the same color, makes you see the organization better.

Pantry light and decor

We did add a little wall decor because why not? It was all things we had though! We hung up this adorable sign from 13 and Market & these 2 vintage, pie plates that I had from my great, great aunts.

The light is actually not hooked up to any electricity as there is no electricity in the pantry, but we put in a puck light to give off some light in here. We were planning to use the light in the kitchen, but it wasn't going to work, so we kept it to try & use it somewhere else eventually & it works perfectly in the pantry!

We also hung up the cute IKEA hand towel to give a little softness & texture.


Pantry before
Pantry shelving before

The before photos are just crazy!  With the little amount of time & effort this took, anyone could easily update their pantry.  We just keep saying, we should have done this sooner!

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What do you think of our pantry update?

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Pantry Makeover for Under $100