Painted Tile Tutorial

Today I am sharing my painted tile tutorial with you!

We started the entryway makeover a couple weeks ago, see the start HERE.

This painted tile project was a lot of work, but so worth it and easy to do when following this tutorial!

Entry Way
Close Up of tiles
Hall Way

Over the weekend, I painted our tiles in the entry way!  I am beyond excited with how this project turned out!  We had these big ugly green tiles in our entry way that I was NOT a fan of, however replacing them was just not in the budget right now so I decided to paint them!  

This was a true labor of love, but I am slightly obsessed with how it turned out.


- painters tape

- paint brush

-4 mini foam rollers

-1 mini roller

-1 paint holder

-1 can of water based Polycrylic

-1 stencil that is the size of your tile. I used this one from Cutting Edge Stencils in a 12"x12" size


1. Clean your floors thoroughly.  I used Method All Purpose Cleaner.  Dry the floors completely.

2. Tape off the floor area so that you don't get paint on anything not getting painted & stenciled.

3. Start priming using 1 of the foam rollers.  I used 2 coats of primer because my tiles were so dark.  Be sure to get the grout lines as well.  I used a paint brush along the edges/grout lines.  Let the primer completely dry between each coat before starting the next coat.

4.  Using a new foam roller, start chalk painting with the Linen White color.  Again, be sure to get in the grout lines/edges with a paint brush.  I did 3 coats of this chalk paint & let it dry completely between each coat.  Great thing is, chalk paint dries SO fast.

5.  Now it's time to stencil!  Start in the corner and work your way down to the other side.  Use another foam roller & the Charcoal chalk paint.  Do all of the tiles that are the same size as the stencil first.  Be sure to let each tile dry for a couple minutes before placing the stencil onto the next tile.  This allows the stencil to dry in between so that accidental paint does not get onto the next tile.  I used small pieces of painters tape to hold down the stencil.  When putting paint on your roller, use a VERY small amount.  Roll the paint onto your roller & roll it all off until you cannot see any excess paint on the roller.  Have paper towels close by for easy clean up if you make a mistake.  I also had little paint brushes on hand in case I needed to cover up some Charcoal paint with the Linen White or vice versa.

6.  After the stencils are fully dry, use another roller & roll on a light coat of the polycrylic.  This will seal the tiles.  I did 3 coats of this: one at night, the following morning, & the following night.


Some notes about what else I had to do/tips:

- The 3 tiles on the right side are smaller than the stencil.  I did not cut the stencil yet because I needed a different size for the top tiles.  For the tiles on the right side, I bent the stencil & held it in place as best as I could & rolled the paint.  The closer to the wall I got, I had to go back in with the small paint brush to darken up some of the lines that looked "faded" because it was tricky getting the roller close to the wall.

- After I did the tiles on the right, I then cut the stencil to 5 1/2" to fit the top tiles & tiles under the radiator.

- Do not cut your stencil until you know you have completed all of the full size tiles.

- Before cutting the stencil, make sure you measure the tiles that you are stenciling to ensure you do not cut the stencil too small, always cut it a little larger!

- I washed my stencil once while doing this project when I saw that some of the lines were not coming out as crisp as I wanted.

- Before putting the polycrylic on, wipe off any dust that has gotten on the tiles as this will seal anything in place & you do not want anything taking away from your hard work.

Door Open

I truly love how this turned out!  It makes such a huge impact & such a big transformation from what was here.  Yes, it is somewhat time consuming, but it is SO worth it!  

Here is a BEFORE photo:

Before entry way
Painted Tile Final
Entry way tiles

I hope you will give this a try & if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me!

Hopefully our hallway makeover is almost done!  Some more painting on the landing /second floor & rug removal & we should be all set.  This entry is now looking how I envisioned it to look. Also, the gallery wall is coming along.  I'm hoping to share that soon as well.

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Painted Tile Tutorial