Entryway Makeover Part 1

We have been super busy over here at Aratari At HOME! This past weekend we started part 1 of the entry way makeover.

After painting the dining room, we have been inspired to start the rest of the house too!

It is such a beautiful & grand entryway, but it needed a little love so this is just part 1 to the makeover that will take some time to complete!

Entryway view to living room

This is definitely something that will take a bit of time as there are a lot of things we want to redo.  So far we have painted all the walls on the first floor, painted the chandelier, & painted the radiator.

We painted the walls Silent White by Behr.  It is the same color that we painted the Sunroom.  I love this shade of white.  When it is by itself, it looks like a pure white, but against our actual pure white moldings, you can see that it actually has a tint of gray to it.  We had to do 2 full coats to cover the green paint & then some small touch ups after the 2 coats.  Lots of cutting in around the door & moldings added a decent amount of time to this project.  I love how much lighter & brighter this space is now!

Entryway view to the dining room

I painted the chandelier with Rustoleum Charcoal Chalk Paint. It was brass & glass with red lamp shades. I removed the shades around Christmas time & it automatically made the chandelier much more tolerable. It was so easy to paint this & makes such a dramatic difference. We did not have a budget for a new chandelier so I figured painting it would give it a fresh new look. I am also going to be stenciling that green tile right when you walk in & I am going to use this charcoal paint. I think the chandelier & tile will tie in so nicely together!

Entryway chandelier

Lastly, I spray painted the radiator with Rustoleum High Heat white spray paint. I did a couple of coats to cover up the green radiator. I turned the heat off before doing this & opened lots of windows to make sure the area was well ventilated. The smell did go away pretty quickly, but if you plan to spray paint radiators, I suggest doing it in the warmer months so that the house won't be as cold as ours was LOL!

Entryway makeover
Entryway view

So here is what we have planned for the rest of this space.  We plan to take out the carpet that is on the stairs & replace it with a new runner, paint & stencil the green tiles (see photo above), finish painting the landing walls (you can see they are still green) & second floor walls, & finish up the gallery wall.  I am hoping to do the stenciling this weekend so hopefully I will have another update next week, if all goes according to plan.  I may also try to finish up the painting on the landing.  The second floor walls are extremely tall & our ladder is not tall enough so we need to borrow our friend's ladder for that little area.  I am not sure when the carpet will get taken out, but I am hoping sooner rather than later because it really looks out of place now.  The gallery wall will most likely be ever changing & never fully complete.  I put some things up there for now, but my vision for the gallery wall is lots of old, chippy & collected antiques.  

Here are some before photos!  I took these the week we moved in last March.  So fun looking back at how far this house has come in under a year.  I always say this, but paint makes such a big difference! 

Entryway before
Before of the entryway

I am so happy with the transformation of this foyer!  Although we don't really use this to enter our house, our guests use this entrance & I have been wanting to update this space since we moved in.  The green paint was so dark, but now the entry way is so inviting & airy.  It makes this area appear so much bigger!

Stay tuned for more changes in our entry way in the upcoming weeks.

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Entryway Makeover Part 1