Painted Hallway

Another day, another painted space here at Aratari At HOME, the upstairs hallway!

Since painting the nursery last weekend, we got a little motivated to start painting some more rooms.

This hallway was the last part of the stairway that needed to be painted so we finally got around to it!

Hallway painted

We had done the entire entryway downstairs, but got a littleeeee lazy when it came to finishing up the painting in the upstairs landing. (You can check out the entryway makeovers here, here, & here.)  This weekend we got to work & knocked it out. It didn't take long since there aren't many walls to paint, but because it was green, it took a few coats to cover it all up.

Hallway upstairs

We used the same paint as we did in the entryway which is Behr Silent White. It is such a great shade of light gray that looks white, but against our trim, you can clearly see that it is not a pure white. We love it!! We also started to paint the guest bathroom Silent White. It still needs another coat & a lot more work to make it pretty, but at least our guests won't have to look at a bright yellow bathroom anymore :)

Hallway doors
Door in the hallway

This is some unseen footage of our home since I have never shared this space with you all before. It just wasn't a pretty space to look at & not that all spaces need to be pretty to share, I wanted to freshen it up & give it some love. We fell in love with the doors closing off the stairways so I have been so excited to share this space with you.


Before of the hallway
Hallway french doors
Hallway rooms


What do you think of this hallway landing?  It was a fun project & very simple, but I wanted to share a space that's never been seen before on the blog.

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Painted Hallway Makeover