The Start to My 21 Day Fix Workouts

I made the decision to start the 21 Day Fix workouts yesterday.  I have done the workouts before, but I don't think I have ever completed the full 21 days of working out.

I thought if I put this here on the blog, I would have to hold myself accountable even more!  I plan to share updates with you along the way too!

The start to my 21 day fix workouts has been great so far!

There is a full meal plan that goes along with the workouts, but we eat pretty healthy already so I am really just following along with the workouts.  I am also nursing Dominic still and I didn't want to affect my supply with a major change to my diet

These workouts are intense, I am not going to lie!  I sweat a lot and feel so good after I complete them though.  They are all around 30 minutes long so it doesn't take long to complete and you get in a good workout.  I like that each workout is a minute long and then you're onto the next workout.  Autumn (the girl who runs the program) always says you can do anything for a minute, which is SO true!  In the moment, the workouts are tough, but I know that the feeling afterwards is so worth it!

I want to get myself in better shape so that we can be running around all summer long playing with Dominic.  I want to be a healthy mama for that little boy!  I love that they can be done at home because while Dominic plays, I can get my workout in.  He is so cute and just sits and watches me and plays with his toys.

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So LET'S DO THIS! Let's get motivated together and keep each other on track! It will be so worth it! You can order yours on Prime (HERE) so you won't even be that far behind if you decide to join :)

Who's doing this with me?!

Thank you for stopping by the blog!


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The Start to my 21 Day Fix Workouts