Dear Dominic
Dear Dominic

Dear Dominic-

I love you more than you will probably ever know.  I am honored to be your Mommy and I am so grateful for you!  

Today is Mother's Day and I can't believe that I get to celebrate this day with you as my little baby who is almost 8 months old.  Can you please stop growing so fast?!  I feel like I was just taking you home from the hospital and now you are all grown up....kind of ;)

Your laughter is what fuels me.  Your smile makes me melt.  Your long eye lashes convince me to give in to you every single time you bat them at me.  Your snuggles make my heart burst.  Your chattiness and screeches make me laugh.  

You have a way with everyone and make them feel as special as you are.  You know no fear which gives me a lot of fear (HA!).  You are smart, sweet, and strong all bundled into one little adorable angel boy.

Your Daddy and I love being your parents.  We love watching you grow every day and learn new things.  We love seeing you experience the world around you as everything is new and exciting for you.  It brings back all the memories we had as kids, except now we get to experience these memories as parents, how amazing is that?!  We get to relive our childhoods through YOU!  And that may sound funny, but it's not because we had great childhoods and to be able to relive them is special and wonderful.  Everything we did as kids, we want you to experience plus so much more!!  The best is yet to come, my little boy!

I hope you are always determined like you are when you try to grab your pacifier that is just out of reach.  I hope you are always kind and loving like you are to your family, puppy, and people in the grocery store.  I hope you are always dreaming big like you are when you take your naps.  I hope you are always happy like you are while eating your favorite snacks.  Probably most importantly, I hope you always know and feel how loved you are.

You gave me the title, Momma and I truly don't think there is anything better than that!  Thank you for being uniquely YOU!

I love you so much, my honey bear.  You are our greatest adventure!



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Dear Dominic