An Accident Turned DIY

An Accident Turned DIY

This DIY was an accident that turned into something even better than before!

Another favorite DIY are my dining room chairs!

These chalk painted doors are an accident that turned into a DIY project!

Chalk painted doors

A few weeks ago, John Paul accidentally broke our shutter doors on one of our closets in our bedroom.  He tried to get it to go back on the track, but there was no hope that, that was happening.  I started looking at them & all of a sudden I had different plans for the doors.  I told him to stop trying to fix them & that I had ideas for these babies.

Below is the before of these shutter doors that needed some new life! A little chalk paint to the rescue & they have a whole new life now.



Before of chalk painted doors


  1. Lay down the drop cloth/sheet

  2. Place your project on top making sure that none of it will touch the floor underneath so you donโ€™t get paint on the floors

  3. Clean your piece really well and make sure it is dry. No need to sand anything!

  4. Start applying the chalk paint with your brush in even strokes

  5. Allow for the first coat to dry. This happens very quick!

  6. Apply a second coat/touch ups as needed!

  7. Enjoy your piece in your home!

One coat on one door below.

One of coat of paint on the diy project
Chalk painted doors styled

On the shutter parts, I only used 1 coat of paint.  I liked the contrast of the wood showing through on the shutters.  

All I did was lean these against the wall & it gave our living room a little more farmhouse flair.  I have a feeling I may be trying these out in different spots in our home, but for now, I love that they flank the windows.

Have you tried any chalk paint projects yet?


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Accidental DIY project