12 Changing Table Essentials to Make Changing Quick & Easy

We have been changing diapers for almost 5 months now.  Crazy how fast time flies! 

Have you seen my new mom essentials?  If not, see those HERE.

Setting up the changing table was fun & all before Dominic was born, but I am here to tell you 12 changing table essentials to make changing quick and easy!

Dominic on changing table
Changing Table Station
Dominic and Mom
Diapers and wipes

1. Changing table (LOL).  There are so many cute ones out there, but they can be pricey!  We decided to take an old dresser that we found on Facebook Marketplace & turn it into a changing table.  It was under $40 for the dresser, chalk paint, & polycrylic.  

2. Diapers.  Kind of another given, but stock up beforehand, if you can.  We love Pampers (order them on prime!!) & the Target brand.  For my shower, I got lots of cute baskets so I just put one of the baskets on top of the dresser & filled it with diapers that I already opened for easy access.

3. Wipes.  Again, another kind of given, but stock up ahead of time.  We love Pampers (prime them!!), Huggies (prime them!!), Walmart brand, & Target brand.  We've used several & all seem to be just as effective at getting the job done ;)  I also put the wipes in the same basket as the diapers for ease of access.

4.Changing Pad. We love ours (HERE). The curved up edges give me a little piece of mind to keep Dominic from wiggling all over the place. It also comes with straps so that you can strap the baby to the pad. There are also screws so that you can attach the pad to the table, if you want.

5.Changing Pad Cover. Be sure to have multiple covers on hand because when baby makes a mess of one, having an extra to throw on before getting a chance to wash the first is amazing! We use these & they are so super soft.

6.Thermometer. This is just convenient to have at the changing table. If you are checking the baby's fever, it's nice to have it easily accessible for you. Ours is very simple (HERE), but it's worked great for us so far.

7.Nail Clippers. Baby's nails grow like weeds or at least Dominic's do! I was so scared to trim his nails for the first time, but it is much easier now. TIP: do it while they are eating so they are preoccupied & you can get them to stay still. We have 2 sets, one for our changing table & one in the diaper bag. These are the ones we use (HERE).

8.Comb/Brush. After bath time (if your little one has hair), you're going to want to have a comb within reach. If we don't comb Dominic's hair right after his bath, it gets pretty crazy! I think he really likes getting his hair combed, probably feels like a little head massage :) This is the set we use (HERE).

9.Burp Cloths. Sometimes while changing Dominic, he will spit up a little bit, so I quickly learned to keep extra burp cloths at the changing table. I keep all of the extra burp cloths rolled up inside of the changing table, but to have at least a couple on top is just another way to make your life a little easier. The ones we have were made from some friends of ours & we have some Milk Barn ones (THESE), but we love Burt's Bees (THESE) too!

10.Extra Pacifiers. Dominic gets so mad when he's getting his diaper changed sometimes & the pacifier soothes him. I always make sure to have extra pacifiers lying around at the changing table so I am not looking for one as he is crying. We love the Philips Avent ones & Mam ones.

11.Rattle/Noise Maker. This was something I didn't really think of until a couple months in, but it has been super helpful. When D is getting fussy or fighting the diaper change, I will grab the rattle & it kind of refocuses him so that I can get him to calm down. We love this rattle!

12.Diaper Rash Cream. I don't have much experience in this department, yet anyways, but THIS is the one we registered for & the few times that we have had to use it, it has worked magically! The diaper rash was gone within a few days of use so I would consider that a win!

**Bonus things to have nearby: Hamper & Diaper Pail.**
Hamper: You can quickly toss dirty clothes in
Diaper Pail: For all the stinkiness that these little babes produce ;) 

Shop our Changing Table:

Dominic playing with his hands
Dominic moving on changing table

These are just some things that we have found to be super helpful to have within arms reach while changing Dominic.  I hope that this helps one of you out too!  Am I missing anything?  Is there something you love having at the changing table too?

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