Newborn Essentials

Newborn Essentials

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We are just over a month of having a newborn in our house again so I thought I would share all the essentials we have been loving with Giulietta.

Read Giulietta’s birth story HERE.

These at home newborn essentials include items for feeding, bathing, playing, diapering, and sleeping!

Giulietta on the playmat

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Being that Giulietta is our second baby, I have definitely nailed down some essentials that have been beneficial for these early newborn days at home. What’s amazing is all of these items can be found at Walmart!

This month, Walmart is having an incredible sale on baby products! It’s almost like a mini Black Friday event with prices comparable to the holiday season! It’s truly a one stop shop for all the newborn essentials!

There are some great deals going on which include a gift card for a future purchase. Browse all the deals HERE!


I’m nursing Gigi right now, but have been offering a bottle of pumped milk sometimes so that she gets used to a bottle. We love the ComoTomo bottles which are a best seller at Walmart. Another great thing to have is the Boon Grass drying rack which keeps the bottles clean and dry. It’s also on next day delivery and roll back from Walmart! These burp cloths are definitely needed to keep everyone clean.

Burping and snuggling Giulietta


With both Dominic and Giulietta, we have chosen to use Pampers for diapers and wipes. Both are sold at Walmart and on next day delivery which just makes mommin’ that much easier! Another must have is a diaper pail! I have one upstairs and downstairs to make changing quick and easy. We have the Ubbi Diaper Pail upstairs which is a new item carried at Walmart. We love it because we can use our own trash bags in it!


I like having a playmat for the baby to lay on and look around. It’s also great for tummy time! Little rattles are also fun to shake around while the baby is playing! A cozy blanket is great for snuggling and cuddling during play time! We love these flannel ones which are available for next day delivery!


A good bathtub that can grow with your newborn is so helpful! We love this Boon tub that’s a premium brand sold at Walmart. It works for newborns up to toddlers! Walmart is great for stocking up on all the bathtime and health needs such as shampoo, lotions, a thermometer, comb, medicine, nail clippers, and more!

Giulietta in the swaddle


You can’t have enough of the Halo swaddles. We loved them with Dominic and Giulietta loves them too! A crib isn’t needed right away, but we decided to start Giulietta off in the crib in our room. For Dominic, we used the Halo bassinet.

For naptime and lounging, we love the mamaRoo. This premium item is new to Walmart and available for 2 day delivery! Worth it to add to your registry!

I like having a pack and play downstairs for Giulietta to sleep in and to change her diaper on. I used it with Dominic and it was great because he could use it as he grew!

Giulietta in the mamaRoo

Starting today, there is a car seat trade in event where you can bring in your child’s outgrown car seat and receive a $30 gift card to be used on future purchases!

There are so many baby items out there so I hope these help you out as much as they have helped us! If you can’t find some of these items in Walmart, be sure to check online too!

What are you go to newborn essentials for those days at home?

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Newborn Essentials