Our Daily Schedule

I know our daily schedule is about to be changed once this new baby is here, but for now, our days look a little like this.

See our daily oil routine HERE.

I thrive on routines so our daily schedule is pretty similar each day!

Swim time with Dominic

I think since becoming a Mom, I have realized the power of schedules and routines. It may not be for everyone, but for me, I love a schedule. It keeps me accountable and on track with my tasks.

Our daily schedule looks pretty much the same each week day. On the weekends, it varies as John Paul is home from work and we tend to head out on adventures!

A schedule may not be your cup of tea, but I feel much more accomplished if I am able to follow a daily routine. We fell into a great routine with Dominic when he was a baby (READ IT HERE) and I just kind of carried it on into his toddlerhood (READ HIS UPDATED ROUTINE HERE).

Taking Dominic for a walk


The times may vary slightly depending on what we are doing for the day, but you get the overall idea :)

6:30am: I wake up every day and get dressed, makeup, hair, have coffee, and get some work done before Dominic wakes up

7:30am-8:30am: Dominic wakes up and we start the day with a little show and some milk

8:30am-9am: breakfast and clean up

9am-12:30pm/1pm: play time/errands/play date/etc. Basically what we plan to do for the day happens in the mornings before lunch and naptime

12:30pm/1pm: lunch time—Dominic and I eat together

1:30pm: naptime for Dominic and I get some work done

3pm: John Paul gets home from work and if Dominic is awake already, we take a walk, go in the pool, play in the play room, or run errands

5pm: We start dinner prep and eat together as a family

7pm: Dominic goes down for bed

7:30pm: I do yoga and John Paul works out

7:30-9pm: I do some work, if I haven’t finished everything for that day

9pm: John Paul and I watch a show together

10pm/10:30pm: BED TIME!

It’s a pretty easy schedule, but it works for us and our lifestyle. Of course things come up and it changes, but for the most part, this is how our days are laid out.

Do you have a family schedule that you rely on too?


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Our Daily Schedule