Summer Activities for Toddlers

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Now that Dominic is a toddler, I have come up with some fun summer activities for him that are easy and entertaining!

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These summer activities for toddlers include things for warm days and rainy days!

Summer snack time

Last summer, Dominic was still under a year so he was happy just sitting outside on the grass and soaking in everything around him. This year, he is so busy and wants to do tons of things so I came up with some activities that will keep him busy all summer long.


First things first, the important part of the day is snack time for toddlers, right?! This summer, we are snacking on Peanut Butter Chex! Peanut butter is one of Dominic’s favorite foods lately so these have been a no brainer for us!

Dominic loves Peanut Butter Chex straight out of the box to snack on while playing or we like to make them into Muddy Buddies using the recipe on Such a nostalgic treat that I remember having when I was younger!

Peanut Butter Chex is available at Walmart so be sure to grab a box next time you’re there to complete your summer fun filled days!

Love that the Peanut Butter Chex can easily be eaten at home or on a day trip. They are an easy summer snack that is super yummy!

Water table activity


For those days when it’s warm out, break out the yard games! This includes the water table, the baseball and bat, soccer ball, trucks and cars, etc.

Anything that you have for indoor toys that can be used outside is always fun! Dominic thinks it’s the best thing ever when I take out his toys that he usually plays with in his playroom.


When the sun is blazing, a kiddie splash pool is a great activity. Add some bubbles to it or throw in some bath toys to add more fun!

A water table is another fun hot day activity! Dominic loves splashing in it and putting all different little toys in it.

A hose and sprinkler are so much fun! Set it up and let the kiddos run around under the water for a bit to cool down.

Rainy day play time


If the weather isn’t cooperating, grab the craft box! Fill it with crayons, finger paint, colored pencils, markers, etc and let your toddler have fun making some new artwork!

Fill up a bucket with soapy water and let them play in the bathtub with all different cups. You can add food coloring to make the water all different colors too!

Puzzles and books are always a go to for us when we are playing inside. Switch out the books that can be easily accessed every couple of weeks so that they feel new and fresh for your toddler!


A day at the park or playground is always fun! Pack a lunch and spend the day!

If you have a local beach, pool, lake, etc. nearby, plan a little trip for the day! Easy day trip that will create lasting memories!

Splash pads are a great time! Perfect for cooling off on hot summer days!

Baseball activity

A summer day is not complete without snack time so grab a box of Peanut Butter Chex and have fun with your little ones!

I hope these activities give you some ideas for this summer with your toddlers! I would love to hear what some of your favorite activities are too so be sure to share!

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Summer Activities for Toddlers