Father's Day 2018 Gift Guide

I can't wait to celebrate John Paul's first Father's Day with him this year!  Such a special day for him as he is such an amazing Daddy to Dominic!

John Paul and I worked on this post together to round up some of his ideal Father's Day gifts other than the classic tie ;) which is still an amazing gift, but we wanted to offer some other ideas too!

Father's Day 2018 Gift Guide


Tool Belt:  Classic and great for the DIY Dad!  There are some really fun options out there that are not just the traditional tool belt too!  We found some fun ones for you below.

Golf Balls:  John Paul loves receiving golf balls because it's one of those things that he can never have enough of, but doesn't always want to buy, you know what I mean?  You can find some nicer golf ball options below.

Golf Shirts:  John Paul lives in golf shirts in the summer because they are nice and cool, but still look put together and dressed up, if need be.  He prefers wearing these over a typical polo shirt.  We found some nice golf shirts below.

Wireless speaker:  For these upcoming summer months, a wireless speaker is perfect for hanging out in the backyard.  They are easy to use and portable!

Smoking Gift Set:  Smoking all different meat has become a hobby of John Paul's and my Dad's and if you have a man in your life into this as well, this is a gift for them!  You can always use more chips, tongs, BBQ sauces, spice mixes, recipes, tools, etc.  We found some fun ideas below!

Car Care Gift Set:  Does anyone really enjoy spending money on car cleaning products?  Maybe some, but this is a fun option to spoil your Dad or hubby with all new cleaning supplies.  You could find a fun bucket and stuff it with all different supplies and maybe throw in some lottery tickets!  

Personalized Gifts:  Etsy has TONS of personalized items you could get for your Dad or your hubby!  There is seriously something for every Dad here.  Click HERE to browse through all the fun options!

Handmade gifts:  These will always be on my gift guides because I think they are so personal and special.  You can find tons of ideas for handmade gifts on Pinterest (HERE) which is super helpful!

Cards:  These are my favorite part of gift giving.  They can be as personalized as you want which makes them so special.  My favorite place for cards is Legacy (HERE).  Legacy has such beautiful cards and I'm sure you will find the perfect one for the Dad in your life :)

We hope this was helpful for you and gave you some out of the box ideas for Father's Day!  This was a fun post to do with my husband and come up with these gifts!

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Father's Day 2018 Gift Guide