Cozy and Natural Fall Kitchen Island

Cozy and Natural Fall Kitchen Island

I love cozy Fall decor so I put together this kitchen island tablescape using lots of natural elements.

For more Fall tablescape inspiration, check out my dining room table this year, HERE.

Using lots of natural and edible items, this cozy fall kitchen island is easy to recreate!

Fall Kitchen Island

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I love all the yummy fall foods so I wanted to incorporate some into this kitchen island tablescape. It makes taking it down easy as you can just eat off of it!

I’m excited to share this tablescape idea with you along with some other talented bloggers sharing their ideas today! This entire week, I have teamed up with some fellow blogging buddies who are all sharing tons of Fall decor inspiration! Be sure to check it all out at the bottom of today’s post!

Fall Ideas Tour

Our island takes up a lot of space in our kitchen. We had it custom built for the space (read about it here) so it fits perfectly between our narrow kitchen. I usually keep it pretty simple since we use it to prep our food, but I wanted to create a fun tablescape this year!


The island already reads pretty cozy, I think, with the wood tones so I wanted to play that up a bit more! I used lots of layers to add lots of dimension which adds to the cozy feel.

Vintage Scale

Our island is very long so I made sure to create a tablescape that would mimic the shape of the table. I first laid down a simple white tray to start the center of the tablescape.

To add in some warmth, I put the old, chippy scale on top of the tray. Next to it, I added some white bud vases to tie in the tray.

Tea towel

On either side of the ‘centerpiece,’ I stacked some ironstone platters and placed some mini ironstone pitchers next to it. I think ironstone pieces exude coziness because they are vintage and nostalgic.

Layered ironstone pieces

Underneath the ironstone, I used some white tea towels to bring in some movement and soft textures. The tea towels add some cozy and cottage feels.


I wanted to be able to basically eat off of the tablescape so I used lots of fresh produce! I love Fall fruits as they’re delicious, but pretty to use in decor as well.

Pears and apples

I grabbed some pears and apples from our local market and sporadically placed them around the tablescape. I wanted them to look as if they had just been picked at the farmer’s market and placed on the island for eating. There was no rhyme or reason, some were backwards, upside down, forwards, etc!

Nothing screams Fall like some pumpkins, right?! I had to use my favorite little white pumpkins. I put one on the scale and then a couple on each side.

Pumpkin centerpiece

For a slight pop of color and to tie in the traditional Fall color scheme I’m going with this year, I added these beautiful alstroemeria flowers to the island. I put 1 in each of the bud vases and ironstone pitchers. I like how they kind of float around the island and aren’t a true floral arrangement.

Cozy Fall Tablescape

This is an easy tablescape that could be done on a dining room table as well! You could also switch up the fruits to ones that you have in your kitchen!


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Cozy and Natural Fall Kitchen Island