May Favorites

Happy almost June!  This month was kind of a blur, it went so fast!  Can't believe we are already halfway through the year.

Time for another round up of monthly faves!


Teething Wafers:  We call these 'surfboards' because that's what they look like HA!  Dominic loves them and he can hold them easily.  They melt in his mouth so they are easy for him to eat too.  We have tried the banana/sweet potato and blueberry/purple carrot and both were a hit!
Dribble Bibs:  These have been amazing for catching all of Dominic's drool.  He is so drooly these days so these have been saving us from changing outfits many times a day.
Backpack/Blanket:  These have been perfect for hanging on the deck.  The blanket is huge so Dominic has lots of room to play.  We fill the diaper bag backpack with toys so we can quickly grab it when we want to hang outside.  We have also been using it as an extra diaper bag if we are going to be out of the house for a while
Baby Camera:  We are loving this new monitor.  We can see Dominic easily, the app is great because John Paul can sneak a peek at him while at work, and it's simple to install.


Wreaths:  I have the pink and blue one and they are both gorgeous.  I have been moving them all around the house and have loved each spot.  They add just a touch of color.  They are truly beautiful and look very real.

Living Room Rug:  This rug has been such a beautiful addition to our living room.  It really brings the whole space together.  It's super soft but does not shed.  I love that it looks like it's been worn in and vintage.  It's truly stunning!


Basic Tees:  If you follow me on Instagram (HERE), then you have probably seen me in these tees a lot.  I am obsessed, they go on sale often, and they are super comfy.  They are a good basic to have in your closet.  I have pink and white!  They have a cute little pocket, a little oversized, which i love, and a scoop neck.


21 Day Fix:  As you know, i just completed the 21 Day Fix workout program.  I loved it and it really kick started my workout regimen.  There is a meal plan that you can follow as well, if you would like!
Protein Powder:  We have been loving this protein powder!!  It is super yummy.  We've been making smoothies with it and it's super filling and gives us lots of energy.  We do almond milk, peanut butter, a frozen banana, a couple scoops of protein powder and then blend it all.  It tastes like dessert!!

That's it for this month!!  Love trying new things each month and sharing them with you all :)

Thank you for stopping by the blog!


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May Favorites