How to Decorate a Fireplace around TV Cords

How to Decorate a Fireplace around TV Cords

I always have the dilemma of how to decorate the fireplace around all the TV cords.

See how our fireplace looked at Christmastime, here.

I finally cracked the code after some practice so I am sharing all my tips on how to decorate a fireplace around all those TV cords.

Fireplace decor

We have these 2 TV cords that are always in the way of my mantle when I am trying to decorate it. They have always been a hindrance for me and I am constantly trying to find new ways to cover them up.

Yes, we could drop the wires behind the wall or get cord covers, however, these walls are all plaster due to our home being built in 1900 so it makes things just a bit more difficult when it comes to drilling. The TV cord covers are not really my style and I feel that they wouldn’t blend as naturally as I would want.

Fireplace decor in the living room

I have developed some tips to covering these up so they are hidden with using decor!


  • I like to start by finding items that are tall enough to cover the cords along the back of the fireplace. For this display, I used old vintage books and white bottles.

  • Fill in space along the mantle that shows the cords. I layered more books to add more height along with big pillar candles and a tray.

  • Blend the mantle decor together. For this display, I created 2 groupings at first to cover the cords, but it looked empty in the middle so I added a faux sage bush, some candlesticks, and a little sign. This made the fireplace look more put together.

  • Add items to ‘fluff’ the fireplace. I added some glass jars to add some more texture and to fill in the gaps on the end of the mantle.

Closeup of Fireplace decor
Close up of fireplace decor and tv cords

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your fireplace. These are just some things that I like to follow when creating a fireplace display. I find it easiest to first cover the cords with tall enough decor items and then work around that. Those items are kind of like the base for the fireplace display and sets the tone for everything else.


You can be very creative when it comes to covering up those pesky cords! I have used signs, faux greenery branches and candlesticks.

I hope to one day get those cords covered more ‘professionally,’ but for now, this works and you honestly cannot tell, unless I point it out, like I’m doing now ;)

Also, you will probably notice some nails in the mantle…they are from Christmas or other times that I have wanted to hang things or keep things in place on the mantle. Just keeping it real, that I don’t remove them after they are not in use, HAHA!

Fireplace and mantle decor

I hope this gets those creative juices flowing for your fireplace! If you cover those cords in a fun way, I would love to see!


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How to Decorate a Fireplace around TV Cords