Cottage Farmhouse Fall Living Room

I wanted our living room to feel like a cottage farmhouse this fall.

I kept with the same color palettes that I used in our dining room and porch, but toned things down just a bit.

Come tour our cottage farmhouse fall living room!

Full living room

I’m not only excited to share our living room, but I am excited to be a part of a fall blog tour with 14 other ladies who have styled all different spaces in their home for fall!

If you are hopping over from Brendt, She Gave It A Go come on over and join the party, I am excited you’re here! Isn’t her dining room AMAZING?!

living room barn doors

You know that feeling you get when you’re wearing your chunky cardigan and then the wind blows and you wrap yourself up in a scarf for another layer of coziness?! I wanted our living room to just envelop us in extra comfort and warmth this Fall season.

This Fall I have really switched things up and gone with much more traditional colors for Fall with the deep oranges, rusty reds, and pale yellows. Since our home is all neutral colors, it makes it easy to pop in these fun colors, yet not feel overwhelmed by all the color.

I kept with this same idea in our living room, but went a little more muted with the colors.

Painted cabinet and heirloom pumpkins

On my painted cabinet, I used my absolute favorite pumpkins: heirloom/fairytale/cinderella. I chose the muted orange and laid them down the length of the cabinet.

I spread some fresh eucalyptus in between and it smells so fresh and clean! The pumpkins are from Trader Joe’s, you can’t beat the prices of each and they’re beautiful! See my Trader Joe’s faves HERE.

My favorite sign from Oh Sweet Skye is the perfect backdrop to this pretty little scene! I love this quote and it’s simple reminder to us this Autumn season.


I always kind of struggle with our mantle because we have our TV above it which is a huge eye sore to me, but we can’t get rid of it, so I always try to be a little creative on how to style around it.

I put my long and narrow dough bowl down the center and filled it with my DIY painted pumpkins. To cover those pesky TV cords, I placed lots of faux lamb’s ear behind the pumpkins.

To bring in some pops of color, I added a sunny yellow and dusty red mum to each side of the dough bowl. I also added a couple of baby boo pumpkins to the mantle to add some more natural textures.

End Table

For each end table, I used a variety of glass jars. I filled the larger jugs with a faux floral arrangement of wheat stems, cotton stems, and lamb’s ear.

Coffee table centerpiece
Fall sign on gate

I love our coffee table so much and I always try to keep the styling pretty simple so it can do all the talking! I used a woven basket tray and placed my 3 wooden candlesticks (LARGE or SMALL) in it with a baby boo pumpkin on top of each. A little wooden bead garland and the centerpiece is complete!

I switched things up on the gate and took down the wreath and added this adorable Fall saying sign. I strung up some pretty fall floral garland to tie in all the traditional fall colors. I left the shutters on the side all bare to simplify things.

fall living room

I kept pretty much all the same pillows and throws as they are neutral and add that cozy, homey, cottage, farmhouse vibe. I did bring in the chunky knit pillows from the porch because they are just too good to only be outside!

Lots of throw blankets placed around the room so that everyone can easily snuggle up!

Cottage living room

I love being cozy when there is that extra little chill in the air. Our cottage farmhouse living room is the essence of fall coziness to me!


Sofa, chair, and coffee table

Thank you for hanging here in our cottage farmhouse fall living room! Now it’s time to go hang with my sweet friend, Sarah at The Belmont Ranch! You will love her living room and dining room!

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Cottage Farmhouse Fall Living Room