Beltline Brewery Review

Dad and Dom take Beltline Brewery for a review!

We started a new series where I (John Paul) take over and share our adventures so if you missed the first take over, check it out here!

Beltline Brewery is new in downtown Buffalo that we visited this past weekend so I hope you enjoy this review of our experience!

Dad and Dom Take Beltline Brewery

We went to the botanical gardens on Saturday as our family adventure for the month and afterwards we wanted to check out a new brewery for lunch! We decided to stop by Beltline Brewery as I had heard good things!


First impressions walking through the door, you could tell it was a friendly locally owned brewery because the owner greeted us right away and told us to take a seat anywhere.

It had a pretty big bar area, lots of windows, darts, and a pinball machine. It was the perfect atmosphere for watching all the March Madness games.

Beltline Brewery Beers


Since it was our first time here, I decided to start with a flight. In the flight I had Taste Like Brunch (sour), Crosscut (oatmeal stout, nitro), A Beer with Nelson (DDH IPA), and Verktoy (IPA).

My favorite beers are sours so I loved the Taste Like Brunch. I grabbed a crowler of this beer!

Verktoy is a collaboration between Thin Man, Industrial Arts, and Beltline and I would highly recommend this IPA. I even took home a crowler of it!

I also tried A Beer with Citra (DDH IPA). It had a great balance of hops mixed with orange. Worth trying it out!

Beltline Brewery Burger


We started out with the guacamole and it was a huge portion for only $8 including home made chips! We all loved it!

Lindsay and I shared the burger and Dominic got a chicken quesadilla. Both were mouth watering!

The burger was a good size to share and I loved the brined pickles and I’m not a pickle lover!

The quesadilla was a hit among us all! It was loaded with poblanos and corn and came with a really good dipping sauce! We took some home for Dominic to have for dinner that night too!

The crowd was really lively and everyone seemed to be having a good time! It was family friendly and we saw several other kids there while we ate lunch.

Beltline Brewery is an awesome location near Larkin Square so you can do lots of cool activities and then grab some beer and lunch! We had a great time!

See you next time!

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Beltline Brewery Review