August Favorites

August was a really fun month for us!  Lots of pool time, family, and friends!

Look back and see what our favorites were for May, June, and July.

I am excited to share some of our August favorites today!


Blocks: Dominic has loved these for a while, but this month, he seemed to love on them a little more. He loves building with them, picking them up and carrying them around, and banging on them like drums.

Teepee: We brought this teepee down to the playroom and Dom has loved sitting in it to play with his toys. Plus, I think it is adorable in the play room! (Ours is old, so I linked the new version!)

Walker: We got this for Dominic this month because he is starting to try and walk. This is a fun walker, it plays music when it moves, and has lots of instruments on the front that all move in different ways.


Sectional: If you saw my playroom makeover post (HERE), you would have seen this sectional. We love it! It's so comfortable, soft, and perfect for a playroom. It has amazing storage underneath all the cushions. Best part, it's machine washable and stain resistant!

Pillows: These were a super cute find for the playroom. I love the colors and the geometric shapes on them. They're 16x16 so they're the perfect size for Dominic to lounge on!


Thermal Top: This is a Free People look alike from TARGET! This was an amazing find this month and I have worn it so many times already. It's a perfect lounge wear top that you can easily wear out of the house and look put together. Plus it's a steal!

Bralette: I haven't really shared about this find, but it's a good one! I love wearing bralettes and this one holds it all in, but doesn't pull on your neck! It's pretty when it peeks out from tops too!

Fedora: I wore this for our photos for Dominic's 11 month update (HERE). My exact one is a couple years old, but I found a few that are similar (HERE, HERE).

That wraps up our August favorites!  We didn't do too much shopping this month so it was a lot of things that we already had and loved on a little more!

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August Favorites