A Simple & Practical Christmas Tablescape

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with a party for both of our families using a simple and practical Christmas tablescape!

See our Christmas tour of the living room and porch HERE and the sun room and dining room HERE.

Sometimes it makes more sense to have a simple and practical Christmas tablescape!

Christmas tablescape

We had our annual Christmas party this past weekend.  We like to do this so that both sets of our parents can get together for Christmas.  We also can celebrate Christmas with whichever family we will not be with on Christmas day since John Paul's family is from NY and mine is from MA.  Every year we switch off with who we will be with on Christmas & Thanksgiving. 

Anyways, it's always so fun & we make a big yummy dinner!  I always make a yummy ham so that has become one of our family traditions.  Since our family is growing with all the cousins, we are needing more space to eat at the dinner table.  This means we need a simple & realistic centerpiece. 

I am 100% guilty of making large centerpieces because I think they are gorgeous & so fun to create, however they are not practical when we actually want to have a "fancy" dinner at the table.  I use the term "fancy" very loosely because there are 5 babies under the age of 2 right now so, how fancy can you really be? LOL I will still consider a big family dinner around the table, fancy, because I think it's more fun & brings us all together.

christmas place setting
christmas centerpiece
christmas bowl and napkin

So to create a fancy, but functional tablescape, I decided to create something very simple & practical.  I used all things I had around the house, which made this even easier for me! 

I laid down some faux garland across the middle of the table & tucked in some candles.  In the middle, I put 2 corbels together to resemble a Christmas tree.  If you don't have any corbels, you could use a little fake tree, book ends pushed together, or some taller candlesticks. 

For the place settings, I used my favorite white dishes, a white napkin, & put a sprig of greenery from our Christmas tree across the napkin.  Super simple! 

This allowed for a lot of space so we could easily pass the food dishes around, but the table still felt dressed up & festive!  It honestly was the best of both worlds--Christmas-y & practical!  We loved it!

simple christmas table
christmas tree corbel
christmas garland

I hope this gives you a little inspiration as you start to plan out your Christmas tablescapes for the upcoming celebrations!  

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A Simple and Practical Christmas Tablescape