A Round Up of Christmas PJs

I have an amazing round up of Christmas PJs! I love getting new ones each year!

I have some other holiday gift guides too for WOMEN, MEN, and BABY.

This round up of Christmas PJs includes something for everyone!

Dominic under the Christmas tree

Growing up, my parents always got my brother, sister, & I new pajamas.  They gave them to us on Christmas Eve so we could wear them that night.  This was the only gift from our parents because Santa would bring the rest of our gifts on Christmas morning.  I remember thinking it was so special that our parents got us a gift too & not just Santa! 

Long after our Santa days were over, the PJ tradition continued & now there isn't a Christmas that goes by without a new pair of jammies waiting for us on Christmas Eve.  It was such a fun tradition, which I plan to do with Dominic! 

I just love getting new pajamas.  Not sure if that's because I am getting old (I'm 28 now) or if it's because I love comfy clothes.  It's probably a mix of both at this point LOL. 

I thought I would round up some of my favorite pajamas in case this is a tradition that you do in your family or you are looking for some last minute gifts.  Some of these pajamas I own or Dominic owns & some are ones that I have seen while I have been out Christmas shopping & thought they were super cute.

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?  I love hearing what everyone does with their families!

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Christmas PJs