35 Week Pregnancy Update

I have a feeling this may be my last pregnancy update as I am now 35 weeks along!

See my last update HERE.

This 35 week pregnancy update will include how I’m feeling, what we have left to do before the baby arrives, final thoughts on the progesterone shot, and more!

35 Weeks Pregnant

This past Tuesday, I was 35 weeks along in this pregnancy! I can’t believe it, honestly! I feel like I say this every time I give you an update, but really this has gone so fast.

The last few weeks have been really busy with getting things organized and ready for the baby’s arrival. I finally feel like we are semi ready for her to come!


I have good days and tired days. Some days I have tons of energy and can do all the things. Some days I am really tired and ready for bedtime. Chasing Dominic around keeps me so busy which helps pass the time, but also makes me tired. We have also had extremely hot weather which wears me down too. I’m really trying to soak in all the relaxation time that I can.

I’m sleeping pretty well still and get up occasionally to use the bathroom. My essential oils really help to give me a good night’s sleep. I like using White Angelica, Lavender, or Cedarwood.

I feel that I’m bigger than I was with Dominic so I have some cramping occasionally, but nothing major. Just have to get up and walk around or sit down. It’s just about moving positions to make myself more comfortable.

Still not craving anything in particular. I definitely can’t eat a ton at once or my stomach just feels so bloated.


Today also marks the last time I have to do the progesterone shots! Read all about why I had to do them HERE.

To say I’m excited that they are done is an understatement!!!! They weren’t horrible, but not something I would want to endure any longer than necessary. They never hurt, but did leave some minor bruising and itchiness at the injection site. I’m sure my sides will be happy to not be poked any more!

I can’t say if the shots were a success or not yet as I haven’t had the baby so we will have to see when she makes her arrival. Even when she is born, we won’t ever really know if they were the reason for when she was born or not. I do know that they have kept her in this long which is great! I had Dominic at 36 weeks 4 days and I am 35 weeks and 2 days today so we shall see!

Dominic and Baby


At my last doctor’s appointment on Monday, I heard the heartbeat which sounded great! My doctor measured my belly and said I am measuring a bit bigger than average for this time frame, but it is just a gross estimate and not 100% accurate.

I am scheduled for an ultrasound for a week from today which will be fun to see her again since we haven’t seen her since around 18/19 weeks! It also happens to be our 4 year wedding anniversary so that will be a special anniversary gift for us!

She is always moving! She moves way more than I remember Dominic moving. She sits high into my ribs and then moves down and sits so low. I have to keep myself moving so that she doesn’t sit in 1 position for too long because then I get a little uncomfortable.

35 Week Bump


I don’t have much left to do to prepare for her arrival. I want to clean Dominic’s old car seat that she will be using and get that ready to go. We have to pack our hospital bags which we might do this weekend.

There are only a few more items of clothing to wash before she comes. I have been stocking up on diapers so I may grab a couple more packs.

Other than those few things, we are pretty much ready! I am getting a little nervous to have 2 babies, but I know we will figure out a new routine and she will fit in perfectly with our family.

I am so excited to meet our little girl and can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. Dominic is so sweet and will point to my belly and say ‘baby’ or ‘sissy!’ We also have him practicing her name and he can kind of say it. We will share her name when she is born :)


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35 Week Pregnancy Update