Pregnancy Update Weeks 18-23

Thank you to PinkBlush for sending me these beautiful items for this pregnancy update!

I am excited to share this pregnancy update from weeks 18-23!

If you missed our gender reveal, see it HERE.

A lot has been happening this pregnancy that I haven’t shared yet so I hope you enjoy this update from weeks 18-23!

Dom looking at my belly

We are cruising right along in this pregnancy and I am 23 weeks along today. I seriously can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going. I thought Dominic’s pregnancy went quick, but this one is just speeding along!


Baby girl is doing great! At our anatomy scan, all was well and she looked perfect! I love ultrasounds and getting to see the baby, I think they are one of the best parts of pregnancy! She is measuring right on track which is amazing to hear!

I started being able to feel her moving around 18 weeks which is much earlier than I felt Dominic. In fact, she is much more active than Dominic was. She is always moving around in my belly, it’s so cute!

Maternity Style


I feel amazing! I have lots of energy and feel really healthy.

I have been doing yoga every night and taking daily walks when it’s nice weather. I have loved working out and staying active. Also, keeping up with Dominic is a work out in itself, LOL. He keeps me busy all throughout the day as well.


Just like with Dominic, I haven’t craved anything specific. I have definitely been eating more fruit, but I also have a sweet tooth so that isn’t too far off from me.

I definitely gravitate towards more condiments while pregnant, I have noticed. Similar to Dominic’s pregnancy, I like more creamy salad dressings and dips, which is unusual for me. When not pregnant, I don’t really choose those types of foods.

Pregnancy Update


One thing I haven’t shared yet is that I have been doing progesterone shots. I started these at week 16 and have to do them weekly until week 36. At my first doctor’s appointment, my doctor suggested that I do progesterone shots with this pregnancy because Dominic was born at 36 weeks and 3 days. Although, he never spent any time in the NICU, since he was born prior to 37 weeks, my doctor suggested these shots to help prevent another early birth or a birth that was even earlier.

I went back and forth for a long time if I wanted to do these shots. My thoughts were so conflicted at first because Dominic missed ‘the cut off’ by 3 days. If he had been born 3 days later, these shots would not even have been recommended to me. He also was born perfectly healthy so I wasn’t concerned about that either. Also, our insurance does not cover the cost of these shots and they are expensive.

Ultimately, after doing lots of my own research and talking with several family members and friends who are in the medical field, I decided to do the shots. God forbid, the baby did come early and I didn’t do the shots, I know I would never forgive myself so that made the decision very clear.

They have not been painful, however they are not a very fun experience. The nurse taught John Paul how to administer the shots for me so that I don’t have to go to my doctor’s office each week. They are injected intramuscularly every Thursday. We have gotten pretty good at them: I draw the progesterone from the vial and then John Paul injects it. It was a little stressful at first figuring it out, but now we have it down pretty well.

I don’t bleed too much, however sometimes I do bruise from the shots. It’s nothing too bad and they go away pretty quickly. I haven’t had any side effects of the shots either which is nice!

Watching Dominic


In both pregnancies, I have had a very small baby bump. I am just now starting to really show which is fun! I love dressing a baby bump! It challenges me creatively which is fun!

I love these pieces from PinkBlush! They are actually both non maternity. I love finding non maternity clothes to wear during pregnancy so that I can continue to wear them after baby arrives.

This Heather Grey Button Front Tie Top is the ultimate pregnancy and postpartum top! It is oversized so it can easily grow with a bump and then be worn after baby comes in the way it was intended to fit. The buttons are functional so that makes this top nursing friendly! I got a Medium to accomodate for my growing bump, but I could have easily done the small, so if you are between sizes, go down!

I adore this Blue Solid Tie Sleeve Maxi dress! It is the softest material so it is extremely comfortable to wear. It’s not see through at all. You can dress it up or down all Summer long or throw a little jacket over it for cooler nights or Fall days. I got a Small and it fits perfectly so I would say it fits true to size!

I actually love layering the top over the dress to give a completely new look! Mix and match pieces are the best since you get the most use out of them.

PinkBlush has some adorable maternity and non maternity style clothing. They have a variety of dressy clothing as well as casual clothes perfect for anyone’s prefered style!

23 Weeks Pregnant


Between getting our house ready to sell, chasing Dominic, running a business, being a wife, friend, daughter, sister, etc. I haven’t had much time to slow down and really think about this pregnancy. I think that is part of why this pregnancy is flying by!

We are SO excited to add this little girl to our family!!! We keep pointing to my belly and saying baby and Dominic will give my belly a hug and kiss, it melts my heart!!! He is going to be the best big brother. He is so sweet with other little babies so I only hope he will be the same when baby girl arrives in a little under 4 months.

I will be sharing another update soon!!

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Pregnancy Update Weeks 18-23