3 Creative Ways to Decorate with Ladders

3 Creative Ways to Decorate with Ladders

I love to decorate with ladders and have come up with 3 creative ways to use them in your home.

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Each of these 3 ways to decorate with ladders are creative and unique!

Ladder decor

Ladders are a fun addition to decor. They add visual interest as they aren’t flat against a wall such as artwork or photos. I love the versatility of them too!

I have used ladders in my decor for years. I think they are functional yet still decor.

There are so many uses for ladders in your home! You can store blankets or towels on them or you can hang coats on them in the entryway/mudroom. There are tons of possibilities!

I like a mix of vintage ladders as well as store bought throughout my home to help them work with my style!

Here are 3 creative ways to style ladders!

Ladder leaning on the wall


This is pretty obvious as this is what they are intended for, but I wanted to share how I have styled them. In the winter, I add my heavy blankets to them so they are easily accessible. In the summer, I add some tea towels to make it light and airy.

I also like to hang wreaths on them. It gives them a pop of color or texture. It also acts as storage for a wreath that maybe doesn’t have a home at the moment, but it looks like decor.

I have used them to hang baby blankets too. Then I can just grab it when the baby is playing on the floor.

Sometimes leaving them bare is fun too! Just allow the ladder to speak for itself and add some dimension to an otherwise plain wall.

Ladder on the wall


I love hanging ladders in an unexpected place like the wall or suspended from the ceiling. I have used a ladder as a piece of artwork on the wall and it adds great texture. You can then hang things from the ladder such as wooden beads or tea towels. If you hang it from the ceiling, you can add string lights or hanging florals.

I usually like to use smaller ladders when hanging them on the wall so that they can become part of a gallery wall type piece. If I were to use a large ladder, I would make it the focal point behind a couch or in an entryway.

Ladder as a centerpiece


Using a ladder as a centerpiece is always a creative outlet for me. I love making tablescapes and adding a ladder as the centerpiece is somewhat unexpected.

You can really build on top of them or place objects in between the rungs. There are no right or wrong ways to use a ladder as a centerpiece.

I like to use a smaller ladder so that it doesn’t extend over the table, but stays centered so I can build on it and around it.

There are so many different kinds which makes them a great accent to your space. Depending on your style, you can find ladders that fit with your home. They also come in a variety of price points, which is nice!


Do you like to decorate with ladders?

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3 Creative Ways to Decorate with Ladders