Tips for Layering Decor

Tips for Layering Decor

When decorating our house, I like to think of layers to add dimension and texture so these are some of my best tips to help you achieve this look too!

Here are some creative ways to style ladders.

These tips for layering decor will make your space look more complete and make a statement.

Layering an accent table

Layering decor is a fun way to add some visual appeal to a space. It moves the eye around from piece to piece.

I think that layering decor on top of one another is a creative approach to styling a home. It doesn’t have to be excessive and can still have a minimal look if that is your style.

I love to layer pieces on end tables, console tables, tablescapes, walls, mantles, couches, beds, and more! It makes the room pop and not look so one dimensional.

Layering a buffet table


  1. Start with the table as the base

  2. Collect pieces that are all cohesive: same color family, a variety of textures, different sizes, complimentary wood tones, etc

  3. Add pieces from largest to smallest

    • Start with the bottom layer first and work your way up

  4. Work in 3s

    • This helps when deciding which items to style, but it is not a hard ‘rule’

  5. When adding the smaller items in, play around with the spacing

    • Negative space is a good thing—it doesn’t have to be cluttered to be layered

  6. Step back and reposition items that are either too close or too far away from each other

Layering a bed


  1. Start with the fitted sheet and then add the flat sheet

    • tuck the flat sheet under the mattress so that it stays in place

  2. Add the comforter/duvet

  3. Place the blanket/quilt at the end of the bed

    • Either drape so that it flows off the bed or fold it across the end of the bed

  4. Place your sleeping pillows on the mattress

  5. Determine the throw pillows you want to use

    • I use 3 square pillows for our king bed then place a lumbar pillow in front of those

Layering a couch


  1. Take everything off the couch

  2. Place the blanket on the side of the couch, draping off onto the floor

    • TIP: Grab the center of the blanket and create a triangle like shape to get the more relaxed draping look

  3. Add your largest pillows to the ends of the couch

  4. Put your smaller pillows next to the large pillows

  5. Add a lumbar pillow, fun patterned pillow, or textured pillow as the center pillow

    NOTE: If you have a smaller sofa/love seat, only add 2-4 pillows as to not over crowd the sofa

To see how I layer a fireplace, check out THIS POST. To see how I create tablescapes, check out THIS POST.

The best thing you can do is have fun! There are no hard and set rules, but these are just some things I like to follow when trying to layer a space.


Do you like to layer your decor too?

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Tips for Layering Decor