Winter Decor in the Dining Room

I went with less is more for my Winter decor in the dining room this year.

Slowly getting the house back in order after the crazy Christmas hustle and really putting into action my word of the year as I transfer from Christmas to winter decor.

Winter decor in the dining room is easy, fresh, and bright to beat the winter blues.

Winter decor


I wanted to create a peaceful and serene dining room after all the full and exploding Christmas decor in here. Although I loved our winter wonderland, I was ready for a simpler look.

I cleared everything out and started with all clean and empty spaces. This is the best way for me to decorate a room so I can really see everything and all the areas that I want to decorate.

Winter in the dining room

On the table, I added lots of my little glass jars and put some taper candles in them. They are simple and light. I love that they do not overpower the table and you can kind of ‘see through’ them from one side to the other. This is a centerpiece we can use while we actually dine at the table, LOL.

On the buffet, I lined up all of my different ironstone and porcelain pitchers. I put them in varying directions. I love how cute they look all lined up in a row. Behind them, I kept the layered chalk board and window pane. I love all the textures here.

WInter decor on the antique table

For the antique table, I kept it almost the same as what I did for Christmas with the mirrors and the gate, however I switched up the actual decor on the table. I added the old chicken feeder. I love the mix of brown from the feeder with all the white going on.

Winter decor

Where my Christmas tree was in front of the windows, I put the water basin and the metal crate. I filled with them with some yummy textured pillows to bring in some coziness.

Winter decor with the barn door

Lastly, the table in front of the barn door got a little sprucing up. Just some simple white candles to bring in some warmth and it’s complete!

Winter dining room decor

All of this decor was things I already had. As the new year starts, I am trying to simplify and purge so I did not want to bring anything new into the house as I am going through everything. I love using what I already have in new ways. Here are some more tips on doing just that.

Winter tablescape


How do you decorate after Christmas?

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Winter Decor in the Dining Room