Where to Shop: Wall Tapestry

I found this Wall Tapestry at Home Goods for under $25!!! Such a steal because I know that these can be pricey! 

I recently added this to our bedroom makeover which you can check out HERE

I know that Home Goods is really hit or miss & not all the stores carry the same products so I have put together a round up of where to shop for a wall tapestry!

Where to Shop: Wall Tapestry

I have put together this little round up of Wall Tapestries for you so that you don't have to rely on Home Goods, if your store does not have them.  I think there is something for everyone here with all different styles & price points. 

Wall Tapestries are beautiful & can take up a good amount of space on your wall.  We needed this in our bedroom & I didn't want a bunch of small things on the wall, but rather one larger piece. 

I love the texture & movement they add to a space.  I think they are unexpected & can create a lot of warmth.  They would make great headboards, if you didn't have one. 

They are amazing for gallery walls.  They would be perfect in a nursery or office.  So many options for these pieces!

Have fun browsing!
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In doing my own browsing, I think my favorite place to find tapestries online is Etsy (shop HERE). I could have added hundreds of tapestries from there to this post, but decided to just choose a few. People are so talented & the fact that they're handmade makes them so extra special!

These tapestries can be a little bohemian, but if you mix them with other pieces, I think they can swing towards farmhouse, traditional, or modern style!

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Where to Shop: Wall Tapestry