3 Year House Anniversary

We closed on our house 3 years ago today so every year I like to take a look back on the anniversary date to see how far we have come!

See last year’s updates, HERE.

I can’t believe we are already celebrating our 3 year house anniversary today, time just flies!

This year was full of some smaller projects which included switching the sun room to a playroom, updating the guest bedroom, fixing the front steps, and replacing some older furniture!

I love sharing before and afters to see how far we have come since moving in! I suggest doing this with your house too and I think you’ll be amazed at how much has changed since you bought your house!


We got some new furniture for our living room which gave it a whole new cozy feel! See the full details here.

Living room before
Living Room after


The playroom used to be our sunroom, but with Dominic being older, we needed a place for him to play with all his toys. See the makeover HERE.

Sunroom before
Playroom after


In here, we painted to give the room a whole new look! See all the details here.

Guest Bedroom before
Guest bedroom after


The front steps were in need of some love when the carpeting was coming off! See the full tutorial here.

Before steps
After steps

I have certainly redecorated each space in our home a lot this year, but as far as projects and updates go, these were the main ones we completed this year!

I love that we have put our stamp on our home and truly made it ours. It only feels like yesterday we were signing all the paperwork on closing for our house. What a fast 3 years!

This year we will be adding another little one to the family and I’m sure making some more changes to accommodate our family’s needs!

I hope this inspires you to take a look back through some old photos of your home!

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3 Year House Anniversary