The Naples Farmhouse

The Naples Farmhouse

This past weekend we spent a couple days at John Paul's family farmhouse in Naples, NY. It is always so refreshing spending time there & life just seems a little slower.

Come tour the Naples Farmhouse!


The home was built in the 1800's so there is lots of charm to this farmhouse. This farm was the home of John Paul's grandparents for many years. He grew up going to the farm on the weekends to visit his grandparents with his parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, & cousins. He has so many memories of years passed that it is so fun to now be a part of this new chapter of the farm.

farmhouse views
farmhouse field

It was kind of a cold & damp weekend so we couldn't spend as much time outside that we would have liked, but it was so cozy being inside & popping outside when there was a break in the weather.

farmhouse shed
farmhouse tractor
john paul and jack on the tractor at the farmhouse

The farm has 53 acres & at one point had vineyards with concord grapes. There is a beautiful crick with waterfalls & lots of great hiking. The land is so beautiful & peaceful. There is a little shed that was once the outhouse in the past. The wagon & tractor are full of character & I love snapping photos of these pieces.

antique cabinet in naples
antique mirror in the farmhouse
antique buffet in the farmhouse
antique dresser and rocking chair at the farmhouse

The house is filled with gorgeous pieces of furniture that all of my farmhouse loving decor friends would absolutely love! I had to take some photos so that you could see these timeworn pieces & all the history & character they add to the home. I wanted to pack up all these pieces & take them home!

freddy at the farmhouse
pear tree in naples
nephew at naples
niece in naples
swing at the farmhouse
water spout at naples

It was such a fun weekend with John Paul's family especially our niece & nephew! My father in law told us some great stories of his parents fixing up the house & making it more modern with electricity, running water, etc.

He told us about the grapes that they used to sell to local jelly makers & how they ended up not needing their grapes anymore because the makers started to get the juice from another country. The fireplace was added on using stones from the crick.

My father in law showed us "his rock" that he always had to polish because it was shiny & had "diamonds" in it. It was just so amazing to hear all of these great memories so that we can pass them onto future generations.  

We all said that we want to start going to the farm more often especially as our families grow so that our kids can have the memories that my husband & his siblings had growing up. 

fireplace at the farmhouse
john paul and his dad grilling
wood stack in naples
grill in naples
garage in naples

What are some of your favorite family traditions?  We want to add going to the farm once a month as part of our family traditions.

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The Naples Farmhouse