Simple Rustic Christmas Tree

Simple Rustic Christmas Tree

Welcome to our simple rustic Christmas Tree!  

I gave a tour of our home already, but I was saving our tree for last!

We love our simple rustic Christmas tree!

Christmas tree

Our tree is a Douglas Fir which smells amazing!!  There are lots of branches, however they cannot hold many ornaments or they will droop.  I was ok with that because I wasn't planning to use a lot of ornaments anyways!

Christmas tree in living room

The tree is about 7 ft tall & pretty wide. I wanted the tree to really speak for itself so I kept everything very simple. I started stringing the lights. We used a mix of green & white wire bright white lights. The wire didn't matter that much to me, but I'm thinking next year I may opt for all green wire so that it blends with the tree better.

Christmas ornaments
Christmas tree at night

Next was the actual decorations that I was going to use. I found the burlap ribbon & wooden bead garland at Hobby Lobby. I thought they would be perfect for our rustic themed tree. I love bringing in some natural elements & these fit the bill.

I cut the ribbon into 4 long strips. I did not measure because I wanted each to look a little different. I started at the top of the tree & stuck the ribbon into one of the branches. I then twirled the ribbon down the tree so that it cascaded around the branches. Again, I did not want each ribbon piece to match so it's nice that each ribbon twisted & turned differently down the tree.

I strung the 3 strands of wooden bead garland on the front of the tree. I started at the bottom & worked my way up. As I got closer to the top, the garland was able to make it further around the width of the tree.

Simple christmas tree

The ornaments were the final touch. I used a box of the silver bulbs that IKEA had this year. I did not want to over saturate the tree with ornaments so I made the 50 bulbs work. I placed them sporadically around the tree in spots that were missing any decor.

Christmas tree details

I did not want to go crazy finding a tree skirt because I figured next year, I may end up doing something different LOL I did pick up a drop cloth from Home Depot & threw it around the tree stand.  It works perfect & adds another rustic touch to our tree.

rustic Christmas tree

I love having a real tree in our home. It feels so magical & festive. At night, our tree just sparkles!

Christmas lights

I can't wait to get our presents wrapped & put under the tree!  This time of year feels so cozy.  It's so amazing knowing this is our first Christmas in our home.  I have looked forward to this time of year since we bought the house in March.  It truly is a dream come true!

I hope you love our rustic & simple Christmas Tree!

How do you decorate your trees for Christmas?

Thanks for checking out the blog today.



Simple Rustic Christmas Tree