Postpartum Essentials

These postpartum essentials have been so helpful since having Giulietta 3 weeks ago.

If you haven’t read Giulietta’s birth story, read it HERE.

I used some of these postpartum essentials with Dominic and some are new to me this time around!

Postpartum Care

Since I had a natural birth this time around, I have found that my postpartum essentials have been a bit different than with Dominic. Some are still very much the same too!


  • Maxi pads

    • TIP: take as many home from the hospital as you can

  • Comfortable undies

    • TIP: take as many of the mesh undies home from the hospital as you can

  • Peri Bottle

    • TIP: Take your peri bottle home from the hospital

  • Witch Hazel

    • For easing pain from the stitches

  • Small Round Pads

    • Squirt witch hazel onto pad to help ease pain from the stitches

  • Nursing Bra/Tank

    • Easy to breastfeed

  • Water bottle

    • Can’t drink enough water while nursing

  • Comfy Robe

    • For late night feedings/early mornings

  • Boppy Pillow

    • Use to help when feeding the baby

  • Nipple Cream

    • For dry/cracked/painful nipples

3 Weeks Postpartum


What are/were your go to essentials after having a baby?

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Postpartum Essentials