My Farmhouse Style Light Fixtures

Light fixtures really change the look & feel of a space. Some of our light fixtures were just not our style when we bought our house so we updated them to be more of a farmhouse style look.

Our dining room light fixture, from IKEA, kind of started this whole idea of updating the lights around the house!

Come tour some of my farmhouse style light fixtures!

living room light fixtures

The beautiful thing about lighting is it can easily be changed. We learned how to change some of the lights in our house & what a difference they have made! Below are 4 new light fixtures & all the sources.

If you click the link above, it will take you to the direct link for these lamps.  Our living room had 0 overhead lights so this was a space that desperately needed some lamps.  I searched for a few months before coming across these.  I love them!  We have some black accents throughout the room so these were the perfect modern farmhouse touch.  I love that the lamps play off the fireplace, coffee table, & barn door hardware.

mudroom light fixture

Home Depot Ceiling Light:

Click the link above for the link to the light.  This little breakfast nook has the lowest ceilings in our whole house & this room had a gigantic chandelier when we moved in.  John Paul & I are both short & John Paul was constantly hitting his head on the chandelier so we knew that had to go ASAP.  We swapped it out for this vintage flush-mount fixture & we love it!  It came with the Edison bulb which gives it so much more charm.  It is not a very bright light, but there is another wall light in here that adds more light, if we need it.

closet light fixture

Clicking the link above will take you to the direct link of the light.  I recently redid my closet which you can read all about here.  The light fixture in here was BAD.  It was so outdated so I knew that would be changed when making over the closet.  The old light had a switch on the light so I had to find a similar one or one that could plug in since we wanted to change this ourselves & not hire an electrician.  I found this one on Amazon & it adds the perfect amount of farmhouse vibes to my closet.  I wanted a simple light fixture & this certainly fits the bill.

dining room light fixture

To see this light, click the link above.  I have already blogged all about this IKEA light fixture (read about it here), but I wanted to round it up here again.  The chandelier in the dining room was pretty, but just not our style.  I was looking for a new light, but then came across this simple beauty & fell in love.  It's not super bright, but it adds a great ambiance at night.  We do use another lamp in the dining room on the antique cabinet, if we want some more light in here.

I am always looking for fun ways to incorporate a little more farmhouse style into our home & I think light fixtures can do that for you.  I can already think of a few more places that need some lighting updates, but that will come with time.  The great thing is there are so many different light options out there & so many different price points & places to find good fixtures.

What do you think of these lights?  Are you a fan of switching up light fixtures?

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My Farmhouse Style Light Fixtures