Coffee Table Makeover

Our coffee table was in need of a makeover. It was too white for me. I know that sounds weird coming from me who loves all white everything, but it just didn't fit with the look I was going for in the living room. I have been wanting to paint it for some time, but haven't had a chance to do it. This weekend, I grabbed my paint brush & roller & decided to jump in & get it done!


I used Rustoleum Chalk Paint in Charcoal.  I knew this would be so much better than the stark white that it was before.  It also is not so shiny & bright which I think makes me love it even more.  I love how it ties into the black of the lamps & the barn door hardware as well.  I have been really into the black & white combination lately.


A little before photo for you:


What do you think of this transformation?  Paint is a wonderful thing & if you haven't tried out chalk paint, you need to!!  Check out my tips on chalk painting here.

Thank you for checking out the blog!