The Best Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are the best! They are magical and nostalgic.

Although, Christmas involves lots of shopping, check out my family gift guide, home decor gift guide, toddler wish list, and gifts under $50, there is so much more to the season!

If you follow me on IG, I had asked what were your best Christmas traditions, so I rounded them all up and I’m including some of ours too!

Christmas Traditions

Christmas time is a busy season, but I have been trying to be extra intentional in really slowing down and trying to enjoy this time of year. With Dominic being older this year, I wanted to start several new traditions with him.


  • We made milk shakes with yummy seasonal goodies like gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and apples and cinnamon. Dominic had so much fun pushing the blender buttons and tasting them all!

  • Growing up, each Christmas Eve, my cousins and I would take turns singing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus. We looked forward to it each year and always wanted it to be our turn. This is something I want to do with Dominic as well.

  • This year, we set up a nativity that my Mom bought for Dominic. We had Dominic help us put out all the pieces and it was so fun watching him explore them all.

  • We’ve always baked Christmas cookies each year. Now, I bake cookies with my Mother in Law and Sisters in Law too! Dominic and I made my family’s Italian Ricotta Cookies which will be on the blog on Monday. They are delish, I can’t wait to share them with you!

  • My parents always got my siblings and I Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve that we could wear that night. This is something I plan to do with Dominic as well.

  • When my siblings and I were growing up, we always had to sing Christmas songs on Christmas morning to wake up our parents before we could come down stairs and open presents. We have even done it as adults and as cheesy as it is, it’s something fun that we always remember. We would would also take photos each year on the stairs.

  • My mom would always make cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning and since we are hosting Christmas Eve this year, I think I will do that too! My mother in law always makes her famous cheesy potatoes on Christmas morning. I may have to make these too!

  • Each Christmas Eve, my Mom or Dad would read us Twas the Night Before Christmas. What’s crazy is my in laws did the same thing with my husband and his siblings! This is something we will definitely be doing with Dominic this year. This is the reason I got this amazing sign from Oh Sweet Skye because it is a joyful memory for myself and John Paul.
Twas the Night Before Christmas sign


  • Eating breakfast pizza and doughnuts on Christmas morning

  • Thanksgiving box: Christmas PJs, movie, and treats given on Thanksgiving before bed

  • Open stockings on New Year’s Day to extend the fun

  • Make hand made ornaments or decorations on Thanksgiving while watching the parade

  • Attend a local nativity production at church

  • Giving Christmas PJs (this was by far the most popular Christmas tradition!!)

  • Happy Birthday Jesus cake and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus

  • Breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning

  • Read the story of Jesus’ birth

  • Getting a real tree

  • Giving family gifts such as a movie or game that’s used on Christmas Day

  • Watching Christmas movies in matching PJs on Christmas Eve while drinking hot cocoa

  • No labels on the gifts. Each person’s gifts are wrapped in different paper. At the bottom of everyone’s stocking, there is 1 wrapped gift in their designated paper

  • Going on the Polar Express with our kids

  • Each year, given an ornament and now they are all used on our tree

Some of you had the same traditions that we have so I just combined them.

Christmas traditions are what make the season even more memorable. I can still remember all of our traditions we did while I was growing up and I want that for Dominic too.


If you have a Christmas tradition that is not listed, please share it! I would love to hear it :)

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Christmas Traditions