DIY Interchangeable Wreath

My friend and I had this idea to create a DIY interchangeable wreath so that you could have one wreath and use it for multiple seasons.

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I made this DIY wreath for Valentine’s Day, but it is interchangeable so I will be able to use it for all different seasons!

DIY Wreath

I thought it would be fun to create a wreath that could be used season to season so that I wouldn’t have to store tons of wreaths.

This DIY Wreath tutorial is so easy and can be customized to whatever you like!


Wreath supplies


  • foam wreath form (any size you choose)

  • burlap

  • add ons (I used some felt hearts and faux flowers for Valentine’s Day, but these are what will change seasonally)

  • small pins

  • ribbon


  1. Take the burlap and wrap it around the wreath form, covering the entire wreath leaving no part of the foam showing

  2. Secure the burlap with pins or tacks

  3. Plan out the add ons including the bow, if you want one

    • where do you want the pieces to go on the wreath?

    • what direction is everything going to go?

  4. Secure the add ons with sewing pins

    • Note: we tried using tacks at first, but they are not long enough to go through the add on and the burlap

  5. Tie a piece of ribbon or twine to the top of the wreath so that it can be hung from the door

Wreath wrapped with burlap

By using the sewing pins for the add ons, you can easily create a brand new wreath each season/holiday. They are not permanently attached which is nice.

Here are some ideas for other seasons:

  • St. Patricks Day: green felt clovers, rainbows, pots of gold, green ribbon, white flowers, greenery

  • Easter: pastel ribbons, pastel florals, greenery, paper mache eggs, bunny ears

  • Spring: pastel ribbons, pastel florals, greenery

  • Summer: bright florals, greenery

  • 4th of July: red, white and blue ribbon, red flowers, white flowers

  • Fall: Orange, red, brown, yellow ribbon, orange, red or yellow florals, mini pumpkins,

  • Halloween: black and orange ribbon, orange or white flowers, jack o lanterns, ghosts, black cats, spider webs

  • Thanksgiving: red, orange, yellow ribbon and flowers, turkey, thankful or grateful letter cut outs

  • Christmas: red, green, white, silver, gold ribbon, santa claus cut outs, present cutouts, jingle bells, christmas trees, pinecones, reindeer

  • Winter: white or silver ribbon, snowflakes, white snowy flowers, mittens

Completed wreath on door

I love that the possibilities are endless with this type of wreath! You can really make it fit any holiday or season that you like!

I would love to see some of your wreaths, if you make them so be sure to share!

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DIY Interchangeable Wreath